Day 27 - Jenn & Jill Praising - Made It To 6th Floor

Jenn & Jill Praising

We made it to 6th Floor regular rooms!

Jennifer & Sister

Jill had a bad place on the back of her head. These pillows were great!

Sister Jill

Drs say it is normal for TBI patients to sleep extended periods of time.

Sister is TIRED!

Did I mention how ROUGH these days are?

Sister needs a blood transfusion.

These Nurses and staff are AWESOME! Seems to take a team of people every minute with Sister's LONG list of issues.

Like a FUN RIDE?!

Church Fundraiser

Around this same time, our small town community is doing a fundraiser for Sister! 

Hope all these extra prayers help save Jill's leg.


This was their largest fundraiser ever! I think every pig cooker and person within a hundred mile radius were there!

Your prayers and support made a tremendous difference! BLESS!