Day 1

Sister Survives

A car running 60 mph runs into the back of my sister's tractor.

There's only one word for how she even survived the impact - Miracle.

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Day 2

Shooting Star

Drs told us to get ready for our first 'Pull the Plug' meeting.

Star holes cut through clear night sky.  Barely holding it together. 

Shooting Star Miracle

Day 7

Jenn & Jesus

Keep Praying! We are in another 'Pull the Plug" meeting.

My niece, Jennifer, is praying & preaching! God's got this!

Jenn & Jesus Read More

Day 9

Waking Up Miracle

It is THREE HOURS before our 3rd 'Pull the Plug' meeting.

I've actually been having a conversation with Sister!

Waking Up Miracle

Day 12

Breathing Miracle

We are finding out the extent of Sister's brain injury.

Queen Sister can point even if she can't talk.

Breathing Miracle

Day 20

Shampoo Miracle

Sister will not let anyone touch her hair!?

I've cleaned everywhere else. Why not try to clean her hair?

Shampoo Miracle