Day 20 - Feeding Tube Is Out

FaceTime is setup

Sister is talking now!

These are long LONG days of healing. FaceTime is a welcome relief to help keep Sister entertained.

Sister & Jennifer

Jana (beside bed), Jill & Jennifer on FaceTime

FaceTime Fun!

Sister is a Trooper!

If you know someone who has brain related issues, then you can relate to the LONG DAYS. Sister is making progress but confused.

Funny Story - We were just told Jill cannot stand up for 60 days. She keeps telling everyone she is getting up out of bed and going to the bathroom. It's ICU. We have to walk 10 mins down the hall to the bathroom.

There's a door in her room nobody uses. Jill points to that door and says, "I'm going to the bathroom." I said, "Sister, that's NOT a bathroom." Then on cue...A toilet behind that door FLUSHED!! HA! HA!

(YES! Those are my coffee cups! Panera unlimited SIPS!)