Giving Back

We are NOT looking for donations. 

There were lawyers coming out of the woodwork from day one.  The person that hit my sister was 100% at fault in the accident.  You can’t get blood out of a turnip.

My sister is getting ZERO dollars out of this.  She says she forgives the person who hit her.

We were on a phone call with my sister’s insurance person.  Thinking that route would help my sister.  That person said No.  No.  Because she was on a tractor, No.   It was a conference call with several people.  Got quiet for a minute.  I spoke up and said, “My Sister is worth millions, so we are still BLESSED!”

When my mom was killed, I got ZERO money!  Some things are priceless.

Those people in your life you are taking for granted…GO HUG THEM!  Let them know how much you love them!


Giving Back - That’s what excites us!  Do what you can…HUGS ARE FREE!!

If you feel led to donate, we will always be grateful to WakeMed and encourage you to support them.  Please contact them directly for donations.

Have you seen the Ordinary Angels movie?  

(I can’t even watch the trailer.  It hits too close to home right now.)

I saw Hillary Swank on the Kelly Clarkson show.  They also had Andrew Gregory on there.  

WOW!  We should all dig deeper and strive to be this kind.