Hospital Miracles

Day 27

Jenn & Jill Praising

We made it to 6th Floor

Lots going on with Sister's recovery - God got us thru more red tape!

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Day 30

Wound Care

Let me tell you about my Jesus!

Sister has really bad leg infection.

Wound Care Miracles

Day 34

Where'd You Go Sister?

Jill has been in hospital room for 34 days.

Update - Sister is seeing bugs. Has lots of leg surgeries.

More about condition

Day 44

Going Outside

44 days since Sister has been outside.

For someone who spends ALL Day EVERY Day normally outside, that's a BIG DEAL!

Sunshine Outside Read Here

Day 49

Rehab Rainbows

Thank God we got Sister into 2nd Floor Rehab

WMed Rehab is known worldwide for their exceptional service!

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Day 54

LOVE Mrs. Lee

Shampoo & More

Jill is doing much better. Her brain is still healing but she is tough.

Shampoo Click Here