Let me tell you about my Jesus!

He makes a way when there ain't no way!

Sister has a rare infection since the accident. Wound cleaning is extremely painful and traumatic. There were several nurses, PT and other WM Staff helping Jill with a difficult wound change recently. Jill said, "I wish Jana was here." She couldn't see me over her bed. I stepped up and said, "I'm right here, Sister." Was there every wound care change after that as well!!

Wound Vac

Wound on Sister's left leg needs surgery.  We've had more surgeries than I can count.

WM Wound Care Team are so SPECIAL

This lady comes in singing Jesus music. Jill has been preaching to them.

Growing up we had a station wagon exactly like the one in Brandy's video.  My sister Jill and I used to lay down in back.  We'd look out the rear window and dream of better days.