Head Injury Deja Vu

What are odds of getting struck by lightening twice?

August 28th, 1984, Our Mom was killed in a head on collision.  Jill was driving and injured badly.  She spent several months with both legs in traction at WakeMed.

After Jill's 2023 accident, Drs & Nurses come in every four hours daily to check on Jill's brain injury.  They normally ask Jill these few questions.  What day is it?  Where are you? What happened? What happened to you in the accident?

For weeks, Jill could not answer these questions.  Her brain was healing.  She'd get a little confused.  Yes. I was in a wreck.  Yes. I'm at Wake Med.  Yes.  I can't move both my legs.  Mom died.  Later on, she'd answer and say, "This ain't my first rodeo!"

Our Mom was killed one month before my senior high school year.  I was volleyball captain so I had to go practice that day.  I was still asleep when Mom and Jill left for this out of town appointment.  My mom kissed me on my forehead and told me she loved me.  I said, "I love you."

I'm blessed those were our last words. What were the last words today you spoke with your loved ones?

I was high school class president, captain of sports teams, annual staff, etc.  Then...POOF!!  In an instant, it was all taken away.  

CALL your loved ones NOW!  Don't text - CALL!