Miracle of Wound Care

Sister Jill's leg wound care vac

Let me tell you about my Jesus!

He makes a way when there ain't no way! 

Sister has rare infection since accident.  Wound dressings and cleaning is extremely painful and traumatic.  WM Wound care team are so special.  This lady comes in singing Jesus music.  Jill has been preaching to them. 

Wound on her left leg needs surgery.  We've had more surgeries than I can count.

Around this same time, our small town home community is doing a fund raiser for Sister!  Hope all these extra prayers help save Jill's leg.

To lighten the mood, I love Brandy Clark's Pray To Jesus! 

Growing up we had a station wagon exactly like the one in Brandy's video.  My sister Jill and I used to lay down in back.  Looking out rear window.  Dreaming of better days.


Sister is TIRED!

Did I mention how ROUGH these days are?

These Nurses and staff are AWESOME! Seems to take a team of people every minute with Sister's LONG list of issues.

Like a FUN RIDE?!