Miracle Of Jenn and Jesus

I am NOT A SAINT like my niece - btw.  I keep saying to God - whatever Jennifer is praying times a Billion!

My niece, Jennifer, is talking/praying/preaching about Jesus to Jill and whoever will listen. 

Jill actually first raised her hands to the sky when Jennifer was preaching!!

Drs say that may just be an involuntary reaction.  We all know what it was!! ANOTHER MIRACLE!! KEEP PRAYING!!

We are in another 'Pull the Plug" meeting.  Michelle is there.  Thank God! They scale brain injuries 1-10.  10 being worst.  My sister’s TBI is a 10.

WMed Drs are incredibly helpful considering.  

I had my own software development co.  I'm talking algorithms with Drs like if we do x or y will my sister live? Trying to buy her time with the correct formula.

They say prepare yourself for when we take Jill off of ventilator.  Brain injuries are not like broken bones.  If she lives when taking off vent, they are not certain what brain functions she will have.

The room was quiet for what seemed like forever.

My niece sitting beside me said with a confident grin

“Jesus! Jesus! JESUS!”

Drs gave us a few more days before our next 'pull the plug' meeting.