Waking Up Miracle - Day 9

It's THREE HOURS before our 3rd 'Pull the Plug' Drs meeting.

I've been 'talking' to SISTER for 20 mins!!

I ask Sister yes or no questions. You can see in photo her facial expressions. She is shaking her head to my qtns!

Dr. Sara gets brain Drs who have been on standby to come in. The Nero Dr. looks at Sara and says, "I almost did not believe you. I am in tears!"

Miracle! Miracle! Miracle!

Incredible! WE LOVE SARA!! She has been by Jill's side pretty much since Day 1! This hospital and staff are special. (More later on this...)

KEEP PRAYING! We are still not certain how bad her brain injury is. They tell us to still prepare ourselves. We all know your brain controls your entire body.

What happens when they take Sister off the ventilator?