Miracle Day Two - Sister's Shooting Star

My farm is about 30 mins from my sister's farm.  Drove from hospital around midnight.  Had to get things settled on my farm.  It's around 2 am.  Driving farm car around my 100 acres. 

Star holes cut through clear night sky.  Barely holding it together.  Then I see a falling star.  I lost it!!  Thought... was that Sister racing to see Jesus? Back to the uncontrollable crying again!

Got back to hospital.  Was telling my nephew Jeremy about this falling star.  My niece and nephew are best friends with God. 

Jeremy said, "That was a SHOOTING STAR!"

Sister Jill's current status:  Her pelvis is in pieces.  Dangling.  Drs surgically implant two steel rods to hold pelvis together.  Everything else is still bad.  TBI is their main concern.

Jill is taking ZERO pain medication!  ZERO! Not even an aspirin.  Weird huh?  It's because her brain is NOT working. 

Drs told us to get ready for our first 'pull the plug' meeting.