Miracle Day One - Sister Survives Impact

This cry is different

I'm retired military and a female farmer. I've fought in wars, sling hammers, drive tractors, combines, backhoes and all kinds of heavy equipment. There's grease, dirt and shhhtuff on my hands and boots daily.

My scars have scars. My tattoos have scars! I'M NOT A CRIER.

August 28, 1984 - When my mom was killed, I was home alone. I cried so hard I thought I was going to die.

My sister's accident is bad. Horrific! You know when you wake up and your brain is just starting to click into the real world? I'm starting to cry before my eyes open.  Soft, deep, uncontrollable cry. 

Sister has too many broken bones and injuries to list.  Drs have told us my sister's brain injury is worst case scenario.  She's basically dead.

See that two inch section above her left elbow? That's the ONLY place on her entire body that is not injured.  I keep my chair beside her bed.  Sit with my hand on that small spot so she knows I'm there. 

It's been almost one year since the accident. I can't look at most of these tractor accident photos. People say show the horrific pictures so they know just how bad.

No. NOT showing bad photos. Hopefully you guys get it.