Miracle Of Forever Friends - Michelle


Michelle and Jill have been friends for over twenty years.  Michelle is a nurse at WMed.  Jill was always bragging about how outstanding her nurse friend Michelle is.  Jill used to say, "If anything bad happens to me, call my friend Michelle."

I'm tearing up writing these words.  (This is Sister Jana. Crying is not my thing remember).   

Michelle is a SAINT!  Told Sister we Thank God and then Michelle in that order!  

Michelle is humble about it.  Says that's her job.  She just knows the hospital lingo.  But she is a BADA55!!  She's not taking junk from anybody. Michelle told Drs that Jill is her friend.  Jill can't fight for herself right now but she can.  Give Jill more time.  They did.

I could write a book about Michelle.  If we hit a wall or red tape with Jill's recovery, we'd call Michelle!  It's because of her we got through our first 'pull the plug' meeting. 

I LOVE MICHELLE!  Do you have forever friends like Michelle? If so, hug and tell them you love them NOW!!