Miracle Of Forever Friends - Pam

God puts people in your path for a reason.

How would you feel if you worked in emergency room and you saw your friend's name on the chart? 
We found out the day after accident.  Pam was on Jill's recovery team that night.  What are the odds?  Another God Miracle.
Jill and her friend Pam worked together in Japan over 30 years ago.  It's the kind of experience where you become lifetime friends.  They had another friend Val.  It was always Japan friends Pam and Val.
Like Michelle, it is hard to express my gratitude for Pam.  She checked on Jill more times than I can count.  Early on, Pam was on vacation.  I called her with some questions.  She dropped everything to answer them. 
Several times later on, Jill would get frustrated with me and ask for Pam.